Recycled art is becoming more and more popular as our world is realizing the extreme importance of recycling.Many artists are finding amazing and creative ways to transform trash into treasure.Recycled art, AKA eco art, is a wonderful contribution not only to the world of art but to the world itself.Artists who integrate recyclable items into their artwork end up sparing the world millions of items that would otherwise be wasted, filling up landfills and polluting the earth.The following 10 artists demonstrate uniqueness, creativity, imagination, and the use of recyclable materials;these artistic factors have allowed them to create the most amazing and creative recycled art sculptures and portraits in the world.These top10 works of recycled art are in no particular order, each one of them exudes excellence and all are equally amazing in their own way!



这个神奇的再生艺术雕塑,由基于“增大化现实”技术tists Mark Grieve and Ilana Spector, took its formation a few years back in Black Rock Desert, NV.The creative concept came from an assignment given to Mark Grieve to create an entryway into an area where a lot of people parked their bikes.Black Rock Desert, home to the yearly Burning Man Project, was the perfect site for their assignment.
Grieve and Spector collected the bicycles from the debris piles of nonprofit bicycle organizations that rebuild bikes for kids: Trips for Kids in Marin, Bici Centro in Santa Barbara, and Community Bikes in Santa Rosa.There were approximately 300 bikes in the artwork.The archway, entitled "Bike Arch," was definitely a sight to see, an amazing demonstration of their creative ideas.Sadly, the Bike Arch was only a temporary installation and the bicycles were eventually recycled.Spector and Grieve have created many other recycled eco-art pieces includingin San Francisco, CA,车轮拱罩in Ventura, CA and骑在!in Glendale, AZ & San Rafael, CA;all of their work is unique and quite amazing.
These creative artists are currently constructing a sixty-foot (five-story) obelisk for the City of Santa Rosa out of discarded bicycles;this recycled art piece will become part of their permanent collection.Grieve and Spector expect to have the project completed around May or June (2010), so if your near Santa Rosa, California stop by to check it out, if it's anything like their previous sculptures it's guaranteed to be a pretty amazing masterpiece!These two great guys have done the world great justice by creating awesome art that makes an eco friendly statement!



MOBY青蛙 was created by UK artist Anthony Wilson.Anthony's recycled art sculpture made its debut at the WWT London Wetland Center for The Love London Recycled Sculpture Show which launched on June 4th, 2009.The creative artwork is primarily made out of recycled cell phones which were donated by a large recycling company called Regenersis.Wilson's creative idea also had a wonderful purpose which was to promote a campaign to recycle cell phones.
Some of Wilson's other work includes amazing, unique sculptures of dinosaurs, monsters, and space invaders- all of which are made out of recyclable materials.Wilson's passion for his work combined with his message to recycle is a true inspiration.

All American Blonde


American artist Sandhi Schimmel has mastered the art of transforming trash to treasure in her unique mosaics made of paper waste.Gold's exquisite work includes paper waste from: menus, junk mail, greetings cards, advertising brochures, and much more.She sculpts various papers, images and text, to form portraits unlike any you have ever seen!Her purpose as an artist is to create unique, amazing portraits while helping the environment by re-using commonly wasted products.
Schimmel used tax forms and political junk mail to create this stunning masterpiece shown above!Her collection includes many other amazing recycled art pieces, each unique and exquisite.All of her work is not only truly amazing but 100%环保的!



These creatively constructed Polar Bears were first exhibited at the London Zoo on August 8th, 2008.音霍尔曼 is a Norwegian eco friendly artist whose work addresses the climate change, maps, geography and landscape.Holmen notes that the theme for her artwork is, "climate change and how it affects our Earth." She has a special interest for the polar areas and the melting of the ice and glaciers.
According to Holmen, "The polar bears are made of used wood, chicken net and polystyrene to shape the body, I made strips of used plastic carrier bags and knotted them on to the chicken net to make the fur." Who knew that something so simple could make something so wonderful.
Tone has since made a few more of these creative recycled art pieces, some of which are kept in the garden of her London home, some with her agent, and for public viewing you can find a few these Polar Bears on display at Tesco's in Durrington, Worthing.



Artist Robert Bradford is well known for his use of children's toys, most of which are found at garage sales.He uses the recycled toys to create fun, unique, amazing art sculptures.Bradford's creative designs have been an international success.He began creating these masterpieces back in 2004.His inspiration came from a box of his children's toys which sat beside him in his work space.Some of his creative artwork includes up to 3,000 toys used for the amazing construction.It is also noted that some of Bradford's work is sold for up to (US) $19,000.
Bradford's work is often noted for its use of recycled materials.However, he notes that recycling was not intentionally his main purpose.Rather he simply prefers to "use materials that are not bland i.e. have some kind of history of weathering or use".Bradford has created many creative sculptures over the last few years;each piece is quite unique and fun.It was extremely difficult to choose only one of his masterpieces for this list!Other notable recent sculptures include a life size toy soldier and toy angel, two additional creative, amazing pieces of art!



This creative recycled art sculpture was constructed in 2006 by Indian artist Subodh.非常饿的神 made its debut in Paris but it is now in the private collection of Francois Pinault, a billionaire French businessman with the biggest collection of contemporary art worldwide.At the time of this writing the amazing recycled art sculpture was on display outside of Pinault's Palazzo Grassi by the Grand Canal in Venice.
Gupta gets his inspiration from his childhood;he likes to include familiar items from his youth.This giant skull sculpture was created from stainless steel kitchen utensils, indeed an amazing way to construct creative recycled art!



这个真人大小的回收雪人的照片拍摄了几年在奥瑞拉的圣诞老人大游行返回(安大略省,都可以。)它是由当地的日托中心构建和奥斯卡迈耶“Lunchable”集装箱制造和空循环库尔助手 drink packages!多么真棒主意,用回收的儿童午餐的产品,尤其是日托放在一起。此外,这种独特的作品是要教孩子再循环创造性地。至于游行后发生了什么事回收技术的结构中,没有人知道!






RoboSteel是设计并创建一个从回收的汽车,摩托车和飞机惊人的艺术作品的公司。RoboSteel由卡罗尔·纳什国际摩托车和摩托车展走近创造这个生命大小的雕塑由摩托车零部件100%。创意和惊人的再生艺术雕刻,电单车男子AKA RoboMan,身高超过6英尺高,并从制造商,如雅马哈和铃木由1000摩托车零件。花RoboSteel超过750个小时,以构建这一杰作!按照RoboSteel网站“在MCI展览有限公司的那种人谁运行NEC自行车展已决定提供雕塑作为奖励。” Still waiting to see who is the winner of this amazing recycled art sculpture.