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Knowing how to cook a good variety of delicious food,all in the same pot or pan can make power outs and load shedding less cumbersome.In South Africa one has to put up with the steady disruption of electricity and we are often cheated out of a hot meal at dinner time.We try to plan our way around the 2 – 3 hour spells of no electricity in the kitchen but a single gas or paraffin stove is a good standby.Coping with this limited option requires a degree of skill to serve food suitable for discerning guests within a limited time span.Keeping separate servings on the plate instead of a homogenous mush is the real challenge!

This delicious one pot meal can be adapted to add fun and variety to any power-deprived dinner by candlelight.

Rice and vegetables for four

这一锅,每人一碗饭可以吃中国菜,泰语,马来语,意大利或印度的偏见,取决于你在米饭中添加的香料和蔬菜。Use this recipe as a basic guide and adapt it to suit your pantry or palate.


1 cup of rice.The long grain (Bonnet) rice will suit most dishes.简而言之,油腻的中餐或寿司饭很适合中国人,Korean and Thai variations – and also for fake risotto.巴斯马蒂大米最适合印度食物。煮过的米饭也适合质地更坚实。

A variety of vegetables.洋葱,leeks,cabbage,carrots,小胡瓜,mushrooms,胡桃木,红辣椒和黄辣椒。




Use a large,深平底煎锅或有盖子的锅。如果你没有电,use your Cadac or Primus stove.如果你有电,cook the dish on the stove and keep it warm.It will stay hot enough for an hour.

After chopping and preparing the vegetables,heat up a tablespoon or two of cooking oil in the pan and add the coarsely chopped onions,leeks,peppers,胡萝卜和胡桃块。(卷心菜条可在此阶段添加,也可单独放置在盘子顶部。)

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Give them a stir with a wooden spatula and add the rice (no need to wash it).Keep stirring and as it sizzles pour in 3 cups of cold water.加入1/2茶匙盐,然后在汤匙中捣碎。The leek and onion stock cube then adds a lot more flavour to the rice.

Fry rice and verg add waterCredit: Sue Visser

When the mixture is bubbling fiercely,把温度调低,用合适的盖子盖住锅。从这里大约要20分钟。现在可以添加剩余的成分:


在米饭上放一层卷心菜条(假面条)。把它压下来做一个配菜或零淀粉“面条”。在混合物的另一部分,add large black mushrooms,一面朝下,配酱油食用。你也可以加入一杯冷冻豌豆,或婴儿绿豆或西葫芦条,因为他们很快煮熟。稍后加入番茄块,如果做意大利饭。

一个锅分阶段烹饪的基本思想是,人们可以用单独的蔬菜来盛食物。一旦他们被带走,the remaining rice mixture can be served as is or spiced up and mixed with more ingredients.用新鲜的细香葱融化的磨碎的奶酪,for instance.

第二层蔬菜Credit: Sue Visser

Storage and meals with leftovers of your rice mixture


把米饭混合物装进汤碗里冷冻。They can be defrosted the morning before and warmed up in the evening,站在一个有点水的罐子里。当泄露消息时,they provide a classy mound of rice.做一个蛋卷,切成条做中国米饭,或者和一个煎蛋和花生酱(花生酱和热牛奶)一起食用,这是印度尼西亚的一个变种叫gado gado。

中餐韩式早餐信用证:Sue Visser

Nasi goring (Indonesian fried rice) Fry chopped onions and shredded cabbage with some oil in a pan.加米降温,so the mixture does not stick.

Serve warmed up leftover rice mixture with kimchi,切碎的胡萝卜和cos生菜。他们还把煮熟的米饭放在一个石碗里加热,加入酱油和生鸡蛋搅拌。The resultant conglomeration is called Bibimbap.(请看我们的韩国菜特色。)

For pilaf,the Middle Eastern version of warmed up rice,fry chopped onion,加入姜黄和一些小豆蔻,cumin and coriander with chopped ginger and garlic.Stir in the rice and lower the heat.如果它开始粘在锅上,就加一点水。Eat it with your fingers.

Biriyani can be made as the entire hot pot or for a quick leftover version,炒洋葱末,and turmeric,ginger plus curry spices before adding rice into the pan and turning down the heat.

假意大利饭Credit: Sue Visser

For fake risotto,add tomato to the main pot.加入阿玛西(发酵乳)搅拌,使其呈乳状。把暖气关小。加入大量的帕尔马干酪和切碎的绿橄榄。Serve on a bed of shredded lettuce with the hard-boiled eggs.

Bhutan is primarily a vegetarian country and they would serve warmed up rice with grated cheese that is melted over it.为了真实性,加入一份豆腐和香菇或黑鳃蘑菇。用酱油调味。

为不丹添加磨碎的奶酪Credit: Sue Visser

Korean / Chinese style breakfast: Warm up leftover rice mix in a soup bowl placed in a pot containing 5cm of boiling water.Place a few eggs in the water,盖上锅盖,煮10分钟。服侍,加入一些红辣椒油,add a salad made of grated carrot and slice up a few gherkins.Bring out the kimchi or sauerkraut it you have some handy.