谈到糖尿病,人们并不真正理解疾病的含义。他们倾向于认为,这种疾病只会影响那些肥胖的人,或者摄入大量糖及其副产品的人。The reason of concern is that the negligence we show when it comes to our own health until we are stuck with a disease.

Diabetes is a chronic illness that primarily affects the body's ability to produce or utilize the benefits of insulin.胰岛素负责维持血液中正确的葡萄糖水平。India was at the top when it comes to a number of patients of diabetes and is now just second to its neighbor China.The report released by WHO in 2012,diabetes was the sole factor responsible for 1.5 million deaths,这使它成为第八大致命疾病。据了解,在大多数情况下,糖尿病可间接导致人体内某些致命疾病,making it difficult for us to get a number on all the deaths caused by Diabetes,the official figure,然而,再加上220万人因糖尿病而死亡。

到2030-2035年,印度糖尿病患者的数量预计将增加到7900万-1.1亿。尽管它是人们讨论最多的疾病之一,它仍然控制着数百万人。There is still ignorance among people when they talk about diabetes and tends to go for secondary treatments which may very well worsens the cases.



身体的新陈代谢主要功能是消化被宿主吸收的食物,将其转化为能量,在日常工作中对身体有帮助。The metabolic process aided by various organs of our body,其中之一是胰腺,负责生产和优化一种叫做胰岛素的激素,它分解并吸收血液中的葡萄糖,转化为能量。

症状开始于突然的排尿冲动。正是这种频繁排尿的强烈欲望,在公元前2世纪,一位名叫阿雷图斯的希腊医生将这种疾病命名为“糖尿病”。which literally translates to "the siphoning disease".“糖尿病”became the popular English adoption of this Greek name.大约在同一时间,the Indian and Chinese physician also observed some people suffering from the disease which was causing them to discharge sweet urine.Later the disease was named Madhumeha (sweet urine) in India.

Various Forms of Diabetes: Causes and Symptoms

The most common name to it is Diabetes Mellitus and the less known one is Diabetes Insipidus.The most common age group which is targeted by diabetes ranges between 43-65 years.现代科学已经预言糖尿病有三种主要类型:

  • I型糖尿病
  • Type II Diabetes
  • Gestational Diabetes


Our immune system is a busy organ and works throughout to fight alien agents in the human body.有时身体的免疫系统会变得过度反应,将身体的正常功能视为威胁并攻击它们。The diseases caused due to this are known as autoimmune disease.Type-I diabetes is an autoimmune disease where the immune system attacks the pancreas and disrupts its functioning to an extent where it is unable to produce insulin which leads to higher blood sugar levels.

Generally,我型糖尿病的症状很早就出现了,mostly by the adolescent.在某些情况下,他们可能会被推迟到更年轻的成年人,甚至可能在更大的年龄。这被称为潜在的自身免疫性疾病。


  • 对疾病的遗传易感性
  • Family History: In a close blood relative
  • 感染
  • 病毒
  • 婴儿期饮食

Symptoms of Type-I diabetes are classified as following:Both Type-I and Type-II can have similar symptoms and can develop at a certain age.I型症状包括:

  • 规则疲劳
  • 低血糖读数
  • Frequent for Urination
  • 极度饥饿
  • Nausea and Vomiting
  • Weight Loss
  • 极度饥渴
  • Blurry vision due to the change of shape of the lens
  • 脚底疼痛

Type-II Diabetes

Type-II diabetes generally takes time to develop,在这种情况下,身体会慢慢失去使用胰腺产生的胰岛素的能力,或者说身体对胰岛素有抵抗力。在疾病的后期阶段,可见,机体完全停止了胰岛素的产生。


  • Obesity in Adults
  • Lack of Exercise or unhealthy lifestyle
  • 性别特异性:女性更容易患II型糖尿病。
  • Race and Geography Insulin Resistance
  • Ⅱ型糖尿病的年龄和家族史
  • Prediabetes: Prediabetes is a condition where someone has blood sugar levels are higher than normal but not as alarming which can be regarded as diabetes.糖尿病前期可在后期导致II型糖尿病。
Type-2 Diabetes
Credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/thehearttruth/7263808056

Symptoms of Type-II diabetes can be classified as follows:我们不能确定哪个年龄组会发展成I型和II型。Type-I has been diagnosed in people in later part of their life and Type-II is seen in children as young as 12 years or less.症状包括:

  • Unintentional Weight loss
  • Irritability
  • 混乱
  • 伤口愈合不快
  • 尿频
  • 极度饥渴
  • 神经末梢刺痛
  • Rapid Heartbeat

Gestational Diabetes:

妊娠糖尿病是一种周期性疾病,这在没有高血压和血糖水平病史的分娩妇女中最常见。They are at risk of developing Type-II diabetes at a later age also.妊娠糖尿病在分娩后消失。If detected and treated on time it poses no threat to the baby.

怀孕时,胎盘产生各种激素来支持婴儿的生长,但在某些情况下,这些激素可能会干扰正常的身体物质,如胰岛素。This leads to rising in high sugar levels in mother and signals the pancreas into overdrive which stills remains ineffective.

Gestational Diabetes

Type-2 Diabetes

妊娠期糖尿病症状:妊娠期糖尿病妇女无明显症状。in fact,常规检查发现妊娠糖尿病。Therefore it is recommended to have check-up between the 24th week to 28th week of a pregnancy has become a standard practice in some countries.Due to non-differentiating symptoms,some women may end up feeling:

  • Dry mouth and throat
  • Frequent hunger pangs and excessive eating
  • Frequent visits to the urinal

Misconceptions about Diabetes

神话: Food items which are rich in sugar causes diabetes.

说明:这项声明没有事实依据,也没有认真对待。糖尿病是由多种因素引起的,我们已经在上面讨论过了,这当然不是其中之一。对,糖尿病患者应避免食用含糖食物,因为含糖食物容易分解产生葡萄糖,which can quickly raise the blood sugar levels of diabetic patients.


说明:II型糖尿病患者接受建议遵循非常严格的饮食。他们需要避免吃糖,必须定期检查体重或生活方式,这会引发更多并发症,如高血压,kidney failure or cardiovascular diseases.因此,建议患者每天检查热量。


说明:有些有机和天然食品最终富含碳水化合物,natural sugar,which results in the spike of patient's blood sugar levels in a short span of time.

总而言之,for a starter now you must have an idea about the disease and what causes it.所以,please make sure to adopt a healthy lifestyle where you keep your diet in check and exercise on regular basis.These small step not only strengthen the body but also make positive impacts on other functions of the body.主要的目标是,如果面对这样的疾病,要活得长久和健康。确保你尽可能努力地反击,以延长所爱的人的生命。